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Orange County Water Heater Repair

24/7 Emergency Water Heater Replacement & Repair

Nearly everyone has experienced standing in the shower under freezing cold water, waiting for the hot water heater to kick in and warm things up. This doesn't have to be the case. When you are having problems with your hot water heater, call Just Right Services. Our reliable, honest plumbers offer unsurpassed water heater installation and repair in Orange County. Our full range of plumbing services come with a three-year performance guarantee and one-year parts and labor warranty. If a sudden water heater emergency, such as a leak or burst, we even offer emergency services.

Call our plumbers at (949) 245-6320 today if you experience water heater problems or need to schedule 24/7 emergency plumbing services.

When to Call a Skilled Plumberwater heater repair in Orange County

It is usually obvious when a hot water heater needs repair since water will not reach the intended temperature or even run at all. Your life can come to a grinding halt. When you need an experienced plumber, our team can efficiently repair or replace your hot water heater using the latest in plumbing technology.

Call for Orange County water heater repair when:

  • The unit is over 10 years old
  • The water is discolored or has a metallic taste
  • There is sediment in the water
  • The unit is leaking
  • The water won't reach the desired temperature

We Install & Repair Tankless Water Heaters!

Does the idea of having a continuous supply of hot water sound like a dream to you? Tankless water heater installation may be right for you! Unlike storage tank water heaters which heat and store a limited amount of water until it's ready to be used, these on-demand units heat up your water supply when you need it, as you need it - without the possibility of running out of hot water! We would be happy to discuss the many benefits of switching to tankless during your service appointment. If you have an existing tankless water heater that needs repairs or routine maintenance to remove hard water buildup and restore water flow, we can help with that too!

Call Today for Quality Service from Trusted Local Experts

At Just Right Services, our policy is to ensure customers are comfortable with any purchase they make, meaning we will never pressure or force you into something you don't want. There are many expenses in this world and a necessity, such as hot water, should not cause financial stress. Our technicians make an honest assessment of the situation and put all possible solutions on the table, including repair. If you choose to proceed with a new water heater installation, we offer financing options to ease the upfront cost burden.

There are many considerations when repairing or replacing a water heater in Orange County. Contact Just Right Services to schedule an appointment.

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  • They are affordable, so friendly and they got the job done so quickly.

    “So thankful for Just Right Services!! It has been so hot the last few days and we decided it is a must to have our AC fixed. Mitch and Eraj came out to our house on such short notice and fixed our AC. We called other places who would not make the time to help us. They are affordable, so friendly and they got the job done so quickly. Eraj even helped me fix a problem with my doorknob that had broke. Thank you so much!! I would definitely recommend Just Right Services to anyone who needs help with their AC!”

    Rachel M.

  • I can't begin to tell you how much our family appreciates Drew's great effort.

    “We had a refrigerant leak that was costing us about $440 every three months. Problem was, Lowes, contracted a 1-star Yelp reviewed company, who brilliantly installed the coil box in the attic backward, which is where everyone was guessing the leak was. The box was in a super tight corner, and we received multiple quotes, all above $2800 to cut out wood beams, pull the box and check, all with no guarantee of fixing it. Lowes wouldn't help, the contractor's completely evasive, and we were in a bad state of limbo. Drew diagnosed the problem was indeed the coil and pointed out that only reason no one had actually tried to fix it was cause it was a nightmare to get to, but was still possible. Drew climbed over the box in the corner in 100' heat, worked completely upside down for an hour, and installed a new coil for around 1/4th of what others were quoting, all without having to tear the attic apart. This was in the middle of the week-long heat wave we just had, and I can't begin to tell you how much our family appreciates Drew's great effort.”

    Eddie H.

  • Drew, you earned a customer for life!

    “I've had my account for over 4 years and this will be my first review because of how amazing Drew and his team were. First, we had a problem with our house fan staying on. I called him back in December to come out and fix it, but due to my own scheduling conflicts, had to delay the service call for nearly a month. Drew was extremely understanding and had no problem canceling the first service call. Back to the house fan, I thought it was a bad relay, and when Drew came out he diagnosed it as being the same, a bad relay. He gave us a quote and promised to have it fixed in a few hours, which he did. While he was there, I remembered we had a clogged drain that a regular snake just couldn't take out. I mentioned it to drew and he didn't hesitate and said he would try to free it up as soon as he finished with the house fan. Drew had a plumbing snake that wasn't long enough, so he said he had to go back to his office in LAGUNA BEACH, over 30 miles round trip, to get a longer snake. He leaves and comes back a short time later to try out the longer snake, and unfortunately couldn't clear it. Here is what sold Drew as being an honest, professional serviceman, he didn't charge us for the plumbing work. Drew had to go 30 miles round trip to try to clear this blockage along with bringing an extra assistant, yet still didn't charge us. I will recommend Drew over and over again to anyone who needs service on their home. He is amazing, professional, and has extremely competitive prices. Thank you again Drew, you earned a customer for life!”

    Toan D.

  • He kept me informed during the entire process and worked quickly.

    “Such a great experience! I had a problem with my kitchen sink and called Just Right Services. Drew, the owner responded quickly and literally had his colleague Mitch at my home within the hour. Mitch was prompt, professional and friendly. He kept me informed during the entire process and worked quickly. I'm so glad I called this company for my plumbing issue! I would highly recommend them and will definitely be using them again in the future for any other problem we may encounter.”

    Samantha M.

  • I felt so comfortable having Just Right Services take care of my heater problem.

    “After reading a number of reviews for Just Right Services, I called and talked with Jared who was as friendly, personable and helpful as everyone said in their reviews. The heater had quit working in my rental condo. Since I don't live nearby, I asked Jared to contact my tenant to arrange for a convenient appointment time. He did, called me back and he told me Nick would be in touch with me once he had diagnosed the problem. Nick called when he was on his way to my condo and then we talked several times while he was there. He fixed the heater. I also asked him to service it along with the AC unit, both being 29+ years old. He recommended replacing both and provided written estimates within 2 hours! Nick also was personable, friendly, and professional. I felt so comfortable having Just Right Services take care of my heater problem that I'm going to have them replace my HVAC unit. I'll write another review once that's complete!”

    Vivian H.