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10 Signs of a Major Plumbing Problem

In Southern California, more and more residents are experiencing plumbing problems in the walls or the foundation of their homes. Called Pinhole Leaks if they occur within the structure of the home and Slab Leaks if they are within the foundation of your home, both begin with small holes in the plumbing piping on your property. When left unattended, these small holes can quickly become large problems.

Signs of a Slab or Pinhole Leak

While both slab and pinhole leaks may be challenging to identify in the beginning, here are some telltale signs to consider.

  • Have your gas and/or water bills have risen substantially for no apparent reason?
  • Do you hear running water, even though the faucet is turned off?
  • Does a faint hissing sound persist even when the appliances are turned off?
  • Do you feel warm or wet spots under your floor if you walk barefoot?
  • Have wet spots begun appearing on the interior walls of the house?
  • Are there mold spots growing on the interior or exterior walls?
  • Have you found mold or mildew under the carpets, but you haven’t had a flood or reason for residual moisture?
  • Are your tiles cracking or linoleum bubbling?
  • Have the baseboards cracked or pulled away from the wall or floor?
  • Has your family noticed lowered water pressure?

While it’s hard to deny that these leaks have become common in many neighborhoods throughout Southern California, the cause of these leaks continues to be a hot debate. Some claim that water quality is to blame, while others point to shoddy workmanship during the construction of the home. Regardless of the cause, identifying the problem and fixing it as early as possible is essential.

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