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Spring Cleaning for Your HVAC System

Spring cleaning just aheadThis weekend, most of the country will “spring forward” into Daylight Savings time. With an additional hour of sunlight in the evening, it’s time to take a look around your home and begin to make your spring-cleaning plan. While clearing out the closet and organizing the garage are both great options, don’t forget to address your home maintenance needs.

Just like with your car, your HVAC system needs regular upkeep to make sure it continues to operate properly. Here are some tips for keeping your HVAC system functioning just right.

Change the Filters

Every season, homeowners should check their HVAC filters and clean or change them as needed. It is one of the simplest steps in maintaining your system, and it is often overlooked. For more information on your HVAC filters, check out our post on Understanding Your Air Filtration System.

Clean the Air Vents

All winter long, air has been moving through the maze of ducts and out the air vents in your home. If you look up towards those often overlooked vents in the corners of your room and find they are black with dust, it’s time to give them a good cleaning. That buildup of dust and grime can impact whether the treated air reaches your room or not.

Invest in Air Balancing

If you feel like some areas of your home get colder than others, it may be time to look into air balancing services. The goal of air balancing is to ensure you are getting the correct amount of treated air delivered to each of your home’s comfort zones. Your Just Right Services technician will analyze how the air is moving through your ducts and make adjustments, so you have consistent comfort in every inch of your home.

Schedule Your Annual HVAC Inspection

Even though you may not be using your air conditioning unit yet, it’s best to inspect your unit now, so you can beat the rush and plan ahead if there are any problems. Waiting until the last minute may mean some uncomfortably hot days if your system requires any repairs.

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