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Understanding Slab and Pinhole Leaks

Have you noticed your gas and water bills skyrocketing for no reason? Do you feel hot spots under your concrete floor? Do you hear water running even though the faucet is turned off? Slab and pinhole leaks have become an increasing problem for many homes throughout Southern California.

What Are Slab and Pinhole Leaks?

Both slab and pinhole leaks start with small holes in the piping of your home. Slab leaks happen underneath your foundation, and pinhole leaks happen within the structure of your home.

The cause of these leaks continues to be a hot debate; some claim water quality is to blame, while others point to shoddy workmanship during the construction of the home. Regardless of the cause, identifying the problem and fixing it as early as possible is essential.

What Can Be Done?

As first mentioned, the telltale sign of both slab leaks and pinhole leaks are a sudden increase in gas and water bills with no apparent reason. Slab leaks are commonly marked by hot or wet spots under the floor; pinhole leaks can be identified by wet spots or mold developing in the drywall of the home. For a full explanation of all the signs, read our post Signs of a Slab Leak: How to Spot a Problem.

Even though these initially small leaks may not seem like a big problem, these annoyances can turn into large issues quickly. The longer the leak goes without repair, the more damage can be done, including mold issues and structural damage. It’s important to talk to a plumbing professional as soon as you suspect that you have a problem.

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