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Warning Sounds: 5 Furnace Noises That Are Alerting You of a Problem

ListeningAll furnaces make some noise, and depending on your system, some may be louder than others. However, it is important to listen up if those noises change or new ones arise; your system may be trying to tell you something. Here are the six most common sounds that signal a problem with your furnace:

Warning Sound #1: Rumbling

If you have an oil-fired or gas system and you hear unusual rumbling, turn off the system and call for service immediately. This could be a sign of a serious problem with the burner element of your appliance.

Warning Sound #2: Scraping or Metallic Sounds

If you hear these sounds, turn off the system immediately. Whenever a metal-on-metal sound occurs, it is a sign that something has broken, fallen, or come loose. One likely culprit for scraping is a blower wheel coming loose from the motor shaft or breaking completely.

Warning Sound #3: Thumping or Vibrating

If your system suddenly begins to sound like a sneaker in a washing machine, there is likely a balancing issue with the system. Whether it’s a blower wheel or the motor itself, it’s important to address the issue before it causes other problems.

Warning Sound #4: Rattling or Squealing

If you begin to hear any high-pitched noise, start by turning off the system and checking the air filter. If there isn’t any sign of wear and tear or clogging, then this sound is likely coming from the heat pump. Some units simply have noisy check valves or metering devices, but if it is increasingly loud, then your unit may be asking for some professional attention.

Warning Sound #5: Popping or Banging

If you hear this sound periodically, it is likely happening when the system fan starts and/or stops. For systems with sheet metal ductwork, the duct walls can “pop” from the negative pressure of the fan and “pop-out” when that pressure is released. This could be a sign of an undersized or closed vent, clogged filter, or flimsy duct.

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