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How to Stay Cool Without Running Your AC

If your last round of utility bills have left you feeling deflated, it may be time to consider alternatives for making constant use of the heavy electricity load appliances in your home. Air conditioners are particularly costly, and truthfully, not always necessary. To help you out, we have the top five tips for staying cool without running your AC.

Breezy living room

  • Close your blinds. Studies have shown that by simply blocking the ambient sunlight, you can reduce standing room temperatures by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Close interior doors. Limiting the amount of air you are trying to cool helps to focus your efforts on just one or two rooms, giving you optimal results.
  • Turn on your fans. A few well-positioned fans can make a world of difference and can create a cross-breeze that makes your home feel significantly cooler.
  • Dim or turn off your lights. Light bulbs, especially incandescent lights, can give off more heat than you may think. By dimming or turning off the lights in your house that you use less often, you can save money on your energy bill as well as keep your home cooler.
  • Let in a breeze. At night, temperatures can drop dramatically, bringing much-needed relief to a stuffy home.

Remember: turning on your A/C system is not the only way to stay cool through the blazing hot California days. There are lots of ways to stay cool and comfortable without driving up your energy costs.