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Hybrid Heating: The Benefits of a Dual Fuel Heat Pump System

Dual Fuel Heat Pump SystemIn today’s world, we talk a lot about efficiency when we talk about heating and cooling. In fact, energy efficiency is one of the top reasons consumers purchase one system over another. Therefore, it is common for questions to arise about hybrid heat dual fuel systems.

How Hybrid Heat Dual Fuel Systems Work

A hybrid heat dual fuel heat pump system is made up of four major parts:

  • Heat pump – located outdoors and runs on electricity
  • Furnace – located inside the home and runs on fossil fuel
  • Coil – located above the furnace
  • Refrigerant lines – connect the heat pump to the coil

While traditional furnace systems generate heat using fuel, a heat pump system is naturally efficient because it often transfers heat instead of creating it. As the refrigerant runs through the outdoor heat pump, it grabs warms air, compresses it to make it even hotter, and transports it to the coil inside. The coil then heats up from the hot refrigerant passing through it and transfers the heat to the air that is passing across it. As the hot air transfers into the home, the refrigerant cools and circulates back to the outdoor heat pump to continue the process.

As the temperatures outside fall and the heat pump can no longer pull enough heat to keep up with the home’s heating needs, it reaches its balanced point. When the system reaches its balanced point, the furnace begins generating the heat necessary to warm the house. The hot furnace air rises into the coil and is dispersed throughout the house.

During the summertime, the hybrid heat dual fuel system keeps comfort in the home by reversing the process to provide air conditioning. Instead of pulling hot air from outside, the refrigerant pulls hot air from inside the home, cools it in the coil, and releases it outdoors through the heat pump.

How a Hybrid Heat Dual Fuel System Benefits Homeowners

The energy savings experienced by homeowners can vary greatly depending on the climate in which they live. For example, if the system is working in an Illinois household that experiences extremely cold temperatures for a large portion of the year, the furnace will need to be utilized quite regularly. However, for homes in more moderate climates, such as Southern California, a hybrid heat dual fuel heat pump system can mean significant savings, since the temperatures rarely dip below 40 degrees. The heat pump is able to address the home’s heating and cooling needs nearly year-round, utilizing the furnace on only the coldest nights of the year.

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