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How to Maximize Your AC Efficiency

No matter the age or average usage of your air conditioner, there is no reason your system shouldn’t operate at full efficiency. To maximize your cooling power, your best bet is a combination of regular maintenance and a few simple tricks. With these measures in place, you can be sure energy isn’t wasted and your home is as comfortable as it can and should be.

How to Maximize Your AC Efficiency

Close windows with southern exposure

Closing all windows is typically a good idea, however, those with southern exposure (directly lit by the sun) allow the most light to enter, increasing your home’s temperature tenfold.

Install blinds and drapes

Aside from creating privacy and adding to your home décor, blinds and drapes are a great way to keep heat from entering your home. For especially hot spots, you can purchase blinds made with fabric specifically designed to protect your interior from heat waves.

Leave the air conditioning on

This may seem counterintuitive, but the urge to turn the air conditioner on and off throughout the day should be resisted. The amount of energy required to compensate for the large swings in temperature is inefficient and uses more energy than if you were to keep it consistent.

Change your air filters

A dirty filter stops the free flow of air, forcing your system to work harder than it needs to. Change your filters regularly to avoid spending extra on utilities each month, and see the added benefit of fewer allergies and respiratory issues.

Keep up with regular maintenance

The best way to monitor your AC’s efficiency is by enlisting a professional technician to run diagnostics once a year. This will not only keep it running at maximum efficiency but will extend the life of your system significantly.

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