What Does It Mean to Be an Independent American Standard Customer Care Dealer?

By Just Right Services | March 22, 2019

Just Right Services is proud to be an independent American Standard Customer Care Dealer. This elite title is given to only a small handful of dealers who have consistently demonstrated both proficiency with American Standard’s complete product line, but excellence in all aspects of their service, including sales, repairs, maintenance, and so much more.

For over a century, American Standard has been a name synonymous with quality, and that’s why they carefully select only the best of the best in HVAC dealers to take part in this elite program. When you see the American Standard Customer Care Dealer badge, you’ll know that the team you’re considering is committed to offering the highest standards of quality, both in the service they provide and the products that they install.

What Makes an American Standard Customer Care Dealer?

It takes a truly special company to wear the American Standard Customer Care Dealer name. This title isn’t something that’s given—it’s earned through consistent and unwavering customer service, hours of training, and a demonstrated proficiency and mastery of American Standard products. Independent American Standard Customer Care Dealers give you the confidence of knowing that the job is going to be done right, and that the experience you receive is going to be second to none.

Knowledgeable Product Experts
Customer Care Dealers are your local authority on the latest in American Standard technology and products so that they can recommend the ideal solutions for your home. This includes having a detailed knowledge of the complete American Standard product lineup and being able to apply them to your heating and cooling needs!

Commitment to Customer Service
A Customer Care Dealer needs to be capable of not only offering you quality products, but customer service that lives up to the American Standard name. We’re committed to listening to your needs, figuring out what’s going on with your systems, and developing a customized and effective solution.

Always Seeking Feedback
Customer Care Dealers are always looking for ways they can improve and better-serve their customers, and they learn how to do this by constantly receiving feedback about the services they provide. American Standard sends a survey to every customer we service as a Customer Care Dealer, and those surveys are used to not only judge our performance, but tell us how we can better serve you int eh future. We are always looking for ways to improve, and we love hearing about how we did from our customers and what we can do to make their next experience with us even better.

The next time you need a new heating and cooling system, or you need your existing American Standard system serviced, make sure you’re reaching out to an Independent American Standard Customer Care Dealer for a job done right.Call Just Right Services at (949) 245-6320 today to request a service appointment!


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