Protecting Your HVAC System During Storm Season

Protecting Your HVAC System During Storm Season

While we’ve all gotten used to our dry conditions, El Niño will continue to bring wet weather to Southern California through the spring. As we welcome the break from our drought conditions, we also have to consider the proper storm precautions to keep our homes secure and families safe. Aside from traffic and general frustrations, one of the most common challenges associated with wet weather lies in your HVAC unit. Here are some tips for preparing your HVAC unit to survive the rainy season.

Consider the Installation Location

When installing an outdoor HVAC unit, it’s always best to consider placing it in an elevated location. Pay attention to the areas of your property that flood easily, and note the areas that are the first to dry. If your unit is currently located in a less-than-ideal spot of your property, contact Just Right Services for ideas on how to best protect your unit.

Install a Sump Pump

In many older homes, the HVAC system may reside in the basement of the home, which by its nature is the first place to flood in heavy rains. For indoor units that reside in a flood-prone location, a sump pump could be an incredibly valuable investment. Sump pumps are appliances that activate automatically during a flood and pump the water out of the home.

Invest in Covers

One of the simplest ways to protect your outdoor HVAC unit is to invest in protective covers. Starting at around $30 at most home improvement stores, the options range from zip-on to trellis covers. Regardless of the style, covers can protect the unit from the water and debris that tends to collect during storms.

Maintain your Landscape

With heavy rains and gusty winds, your yard maintenance plays a big role in protecting your HVAC unit. Regular debris collection is an essential step because debris, such as leaves and branches, which can become lodged in your system, clog your filters, and cause a system shut down. It can be easy to mow the lawn, prune the flowers, and forget to clean around the HVAC system, but it’s truly the simplest step in protecting the long-term functionality of your unit.

For more tips on maintaining your HVAC system or to schedule an inspection, contact Just Right Services today at (949) 245-6320.


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