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Repair / Refurbishment 

What is best for you? This walkthrough covers Repair vs. Refurbishment and covers the features and benefits of each. Learn more about our refurbishment services by taking this short tour. If you have questions, please contact us

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Refurbishment Information & Walkthrough

Remember These Important Efficiency Factors!

  • Worn parts, Poor Maintenance, and Dirty Filters lead to a more significant loss of efficiency!
  • 20% Low refrigerant “Freon” charge causes 40% less cooling efficiency
  • 10% Low air-flow from dirty indoor coils causes 20% less cooling efficiency
  • Worn drive motors and capacitors operating above or below (+/- 6%) rated value will cause efficiencies to drop by 16% of rated values.

The second thought of replacement brings with it a poor ROI due to the cost of replacement versus the annual savings. The case for refurbishment brings with the purchase a solid foundation to protect you investment now and into the future. 

Indoor Blower Motor and Capacitor is Replaced

  • Improves air movement capabilities to like new performance
  • 15% Lower Watts Usage
  • Less Blower Heat Generation due to Efficient Design
  • Quiet Operation
  • 5 Year Performance Guarantee!

Outdoor Condenser Fan Motor Replaced

  • Improved Air Movement Capabilities
  • 15% Lower Watts Usage
  • 11% Greater Home Heat Removal
  • Quiet Operation
  • 5 Year Performance Guarantee!

Outdoor Unit Relays Replaced

  • Increased Efficiency of Newly Installed Drive Components 
  • Lowers Newly Installed Components Operating wattage
  • Protects investment
  • 5 Year Performance Guarantee!

Replace Outdoor unit Capacitors 

  • Lowers Condensing Unit Operating Watts by 10-20%
  • 5 Year Performance Guarantee!
  • - Add Compressor “Quiet Start” Components
  • A Must For Older system Life Maintenance
  • Lowers Compressor Starting Watts by 50%
  • Maintains Quiet start-up Capabilities
  • 5 Year Performance Guarantee

+ Chemically Clean Indoor and Outdoor component coils, balance Refrigerant charge.

  • Maximum Heat Extraction Capabilities Indoors
  • Maximum Heat Dissipation capabilities Outdoors
  • Minimizes Drainage Blockages common in Older systems

With The knowledge that Your Refurbished A/C System will outperform a Replacement at a fraction of the cost, and having the peace of mind, knowing your investment will be protected for 5 Years. It Only Makes Sense to Give you’re A/C System a Performance Life Lift.

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